Corporate governance

Corporate governance:

Business Invest Development NBFI LLC was established as a limited liability company registered in Mongolia and is obligated to comply with the laws, regulations, and company governance code approved by the Financial Regulatory Committee, in addition to the legal regulations of Mongolia. The code was updated and approved by the FRC on March 23, 2022, under Resolution 145

Board of directors:

The board of directors, consisting of six members selected from the shareholders, is responsible for making decisions on all company matters, except for those rights explicitly defined for the shareholders. As of April 2023, the board comprises members with diverse experiences and skills.

Засаглалтай холбоотой журам
No. Тайлан Татах
1 Цалин урамшууллын бодлго Татах
2 Эрсдэлийн удирдлагын бодлого Татах
3 Ногдол ашгийн бодлого Татах
4 Залгамж халааны бодлого Татах
5 Ёс зүйн дүрэм Татах